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Rosolina Mare

Hotel Fiorella

Rosolina Mare is the gem of the Po Delta Park

An 8 km long peninsula surrounded by water from the valleys and the Adriatic Sea, mostly covered by a dense and lush pine forest. The sea is perfect for long and pleasant swims, while the beach which is famous for being exceptionally long, is an immense expanse of extraordinarily clean fine golden sand. (Awarded in 2008 with the Delfino Blu Award by the ARPAV and in 2014 with 3 flags from Legambiente and Touring Club on the Blue Guide Programme).

The area has numerous recreational facilities and businesses that meet the various needs of tourists, such as hotels, campsites, holiday parks, flats, swimming pools, tennis courts, tourist harbours, shops and restaurants of all kinds. Along the endless beach, there are various modern bathing establishments complete with services and comforts, providing entertainment for children so that their parents can enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation. All the bathing establishments consider safety their priority both at sea and on land, providing first aid, motorcycle ambulance on the beach, highly qualified lifeguards at every station and jet skis for fast interventions. All this, combined with the gradually increasing sea bottom depths, make Rosolina a very safe beach for both children and adults.

Rosolina Mare enjoys a favorable climate that allows bathing from May to September and the possibility to practice any outdoor sports all year round