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Hotel Fiorella

How do we keep your safety in our hotel?

Our completely familiar structure in the context of contrasting the COVID-19 pandemic has implemented some strategies such as: the registration of all entrances with biometric data detection, admission to the Hotel part of only people who have made a reservation and then registered in advance, sanitation procedures with steam tools and dedicated cleaning products, with particular attention to the rooms reserved for guests and common rooms. Furthermore, our structure provides many open-air areas that prefer collective and personal safety in addition to well-being.

Are the beaches safe?

The peculiarity of the beaches of Rosolina Mare is the large space available which helps to maintain social distancing, with also: stations located more than 4 meters from each other, dedicated paths and daily equipment sanitation procedures. In addition, the sea rescue service and the medical service are active in all the equipped beaches during the season.

Is it safe to come on holiday to Rosolina Mare?

The characteristics of Rosolina mare are also its strengths. The total absence of narrow streets, crowded areas and small spaces is replaced by the presence of large open spaces in a totally natural context, which in addition to allowing a unique well-being, allows the guest to spend a peaceful, relaxed and above all in full security.